“Roses are red, violets are blue, send a message and your loved one will get a plant from you.”  This is the quote for TERWD employees on Mother’s Day. 

Employees received a plant as gift for their wives and mothers but they need to write a message first.  The company celebrated Mother’s Day to give recognition for all the love and sacrifices a mother has given to her children and families. 

Different things are being associated to symbolize a mother, for example a light, mother is said to be the light of the home.  But this time, mother is compared to a plant that bears fruits and produced another plant.  Just like a mother, she gave birth to a child and brings life to this world.  We could not imagine how her body undergoes changes to carry a child inside her own body and how brave she is by the time she needs to deliver the baby. 

As her child grew, she feeds her son or daughter by her own fluid coming out of her breast to make her baby survives.  So many sleepless nights were spent watching over as the child sleeps and be there whenever the baby needs to be fed.  There were countless fears and worries whenever the baby is sick.

When the child she raised became an adult and has his or her own family, a mother continues to take care, and this time for her grandchildren.  She endures all the hardships, the pain, and sacrifices that’s why we call her a “super woman”. 

No money or thing is enough to give her to equal all what she did.  We just hope a message of love and a simple plant can make her happy.  This is a simple way we say thank you to all the mothers and you deserve all the happiness in this this world on your special day – Happy Mother’s Day!